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Arrangement A Big Rain Party (100$) In Our Discord Platform

Hello CS supporters,
We will go to arrange big rain party tomorrow. And this rain party sponsored ARTEON. Arteon will switch to Uniswap and get started with CoinGecko and get their token logo and price added to Metamask. Their website will also be updated with updated information and tokenomics, but that will come later! ARTEON 2nd round pre-sale is going on. In round two you get 85,000 Arteon / 1 ETH. If you need more information about their pre-sale procedure then you have to follow #🤝arteon channel or their discord server.


Event Place:- ☔The rain will held on #☔-sky-bot

Rewards:- 100$ worth of $DOGE and $TRX

Sponsored by:- ARTEON

[N.B]-*ARTEON having a media competition. For joining this competition join their website and discord . Here is info. For get information please click this button

Writing By CsJoy