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Hello Community,
We are delighted to inform you that, we are going to make a strong official partnership with Solidus Exchange. Solidus is a startup project to create an ecosystem of cryptocurrency services. Our first project is an exchange for cryptocurrencies. The main concept behind the platform will be the profit sharing among the SLDS coin holders. We plan to share 60% of our exchange profits through an investment option on the platform.

Coin Name Solidus
Ticker SLDS
MN/POS 80%/20%
Premine 200,000 SLDS
BlocK Time 60s
MN Collateral 1000 SLDS
Total Supply 10,000,000 SLDS
Source Code Github

Roadmap Of Solidus Exchange

Roadmap Of Solidus Exchange


Q1 2021

  • Planning of exchange development
  • Blockchain Launch
  • Presale Start
  • Block Explorers
  • Listing on masternodes hosting platforms

Q2 2021

  • WhitePaper
    • Listing SLDS coin on Exchanges
    • Listing on Coingecko,VaultWatch
    • Release our exchange platform open beta

Q3 2021

  • Exchange on mainnet

Q1 2022

  • Start planning of additional products (Staking pool, Giftcards shop and mobile app)










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|-Vault Investment







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