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BitToken Has Been Listed In CryptoSky Platform

We are happy tot inform you, BitToken successfully listing there project Into our platform. Take some time for review About BitToken Project Resources.

ABOUT BitToken

BITT is the native token for every crypto community! It is designed with the sole purpose in mind of rewarding group members and developing fun and unique utility for any project. BITT is a giving token that will evolve based on the needs of its holders. Members and affiliates of the BITToken club will be rewarded for engaging with BITT platforms, being active within communities while holding, staking, and spending their BITT. There is no presale for BITT because the ideals of the project are centered around bringing value to communities, not extracting capital from investors.

When the vision of the BITToken project is fully realized, members of the diverse and expanding crypto space will have one token that unites them. The first community that has adopted BITT as their native currency is the Bitsquad. The token enables advanced features and discounts on the Bitswap DEX toolKIT, provides unique utility within Discord and unlocks new and exciting possibilities involving NFTs and the SANDBOX game. Devoted members of the Bitsquad are greatly appreciated for their undying support for the BitBoy Crypto ecosystem. They will be rewarded through exclusive offers, airdrops, discounts, and more that will continue to evolve throughout the life of the project.

Beyond the reward structure, BITT will also be instrumental in supporting upcoming BITT products that will be added to the platform. Members can use the token to interact with the Bitswap aggregator, the official BitBoy Crypto NFT marketplace, Bitswap wallet supporting ERC20, BTC, and Polkadot as well as gain access to exclusive offers and content. BITT will also provide discounts on the full-service Bitswap DEX complete with advanced trading features such as limit orders, stop limit, and leverage.

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Decimal -:- 8
Total Supply -:- 42,000,000 BITT
Contract Address -:- 0x9f9913853f749b3fe6d6d4e16a1cc3c1656b6d51
:-Token Distribution-:
11% -:- Core Team (Locked for 6 Months)
19% -:- Marketing, Airdrops, and Community Payments
5% -:- Initial KIT Farming
25% -:- BITT Staking Pool & Partnerships
25% -:- Development Wallet
15% -:- DEX Liquidity