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Origami International Made A Official Partnership With CryptoSky Platform

Hello Everyone, We are happy to inform you that, Origami International made a Official Partnership with CryptoSky Platform. Origami International are a huge team, some are in to change there lives around, some are in for the challenge but what we are all in here for ultimately is to create a legacy, to be a big changer in the NFT Market, to be the biggest cryptocurrency on this Market and i promise you guys we will be up with the best if not the best. Details Below Here :


We will announce our launch date very soon. Be prepared for something that you’ve never seen before in crypto! We will have controlled burns making your tokens even more rare. If we reach that point, everyone of the holders who has a portion of the rare origami tokens in his wallet can use them to buy nfts and rare physical things like the first class items we showed you before.

To make it clear to everyone, what the word luxury determines is the value of a thing through its quality and first and foremost, exclusivity. That's exactly what we want to achieve from origami. An exclusive rare token to buy exclusive rare things We have big goals and big marketing push ahead.

All we can say this will be on phases this is not just a token there is a project behind it

  • Phase 1 : Website + contract reveal
  • Phase 2: Fair launch of Origami
  • Phase 3: NFT Market end of Aug
  • Phase 4: adding the vendors to sell their physical rare and vintage items

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