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UpSurge Made A Strong Official Partnership With CryptoSky Platform

Hello Community, We are delighted to notify you, UpSurge made a Official Partnership with CryptoSky Platform. Upsurge BSC are coming into crypto with a bang! Following in the light of coins such as SHIELD & GHOSTFACE, Upsurge BSC will allow you to receive daily BNB just for holding! However, at a higher percentage which will attract longevity to the project! Details Below Here :


Adding on from this, we will be holding a weekly lottery, in this lottery the more $SURGE you hold, the more entries you have to be able to win the weekly lottery, with anyone who has purchases in the week gaining an extra entry.

Tokenomics Total Supply: 10 Billion.

  • Presale Allocation: 45.75%
  • Marketing Wallet: 4.25%
  • Liquidity: 35%
  • BNB Reward Pool: 7.5%
  • Weekly Lottery: 7.5%
Every transaction will carry an 11% fee, consisting of:
  • 5% goes to BNB Reward Pool
  • 3% goes to Weekly Lottery
  • 2% goes to Liquidity
  • 1% goes to Marketing
Hold $SURGE and get rewarded in BNB that you can claim every 24 hours on our dApp dashboard! Weekly Lottery 3% of every transaction is contributed to the weekly lottery.
The weekly lottery will be sent by the wallet holding the funds every Friday, this will be distributed to one lucky holder, everyone will be able to have a chance to win however holding more gives you more entries! So grab a large bag and with weekly lotteries you’re bound to win! Lastly, one purchase per week will gain one extra entry!

Winners need to hold a minimum of 0.00001% (100,000 tokens) of the total supply to be able to gain entry tickets!

How will the lottery be claimed?
Claiming the winnings from the lottery will be an automatic process, the tokens will be airdropped into the lucky winners wallet at 22:00 UTC on Friday’s, we believe this is the best time to accommodate the majority of timezones

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