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Niron Finance Make Partnership With CryptoSky Platform

Hello Friends, We are happy to inform you, Niron Finance make Partnership with CryptoSky Platform. Niron is an Ethereum based utility token which functions as a digital version of real estate investment fund (REIF). As Niron runs on the Etherium blockchain, holders can stake their tokens on our DApp and get rewarded with Etherium. Based on a specific token share, owners will receive dividend and redistribution yield through the staking pool. Details Below Here :


According to the Global Real Estate report by HSBC, the total value of global real estate is worth over $228 Trillion in 2016 and is growing at a 5% rate annually. The biggest contributor of global real estate investment is North America, followed by the EMEA and APAC regions. There are increasingly cross border investment activities across these regions, With APAC investment of $20 bil into EMEA and $33bil into North America in 2016. Whereas North America invested $16bil into APAC and $40bil into EMEA, and EMEA only invested $4bil into APAC and $18bil into North America in 2016. This suggests a great demand for European real estate opportunities internationally.

Crowdfunding of real estate largely started after the 2008 financial crisis, and has grown at a pace of 18.5% annually to a size of $6.5bil in 2018 according to the 2019 Real Estate Crowdfunding report by Ernst and Young. 44% of the value are funding in North America, 37% in APAC and 19% in EMEA. The development of fintech largely enabled the ability to operate crowdfunding, and crowdfunding platforms enabled both individual and institution investors to gain access to various assets at a much more accessible entrance. Some of the bigger players include CrowdStreet, DiversyFund, EquityMultiple, Fundrise, PeerStreet and RealtyMogul.

With the development of blockchain and digital currency with the increased adoption of blockchain technology and digital currency by banks and investors, distributed ledger technology has been disrupting the real estate crowdfunding market. The current big players are still operating on traditional structure and fiat currency. Going forward, blockchain and digital currency technologies can further innovate the real estate crowdfunding market by providing more global accessibility, transaction transparency, and data security. The challenge will be adapting the quickly-growing technology to regional regulations, but there is definitely a demand for more investment as well as access to liquidity to fund development.

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Blockchain Ethereum(ETH)
Token Name Niron
Ticker NRN
Decimal 18
MAX TOTAL SUPPLY 1,000,000,000 NRN
Contract Address 0xd1d7e71869034d19716b3eed3017014ac0928154



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