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Saiyan Inu Finance Make Official Partnership With CryptoSky Platform

Hello Community, We are delighted to inform you, DOOR COIN make Official Partnership with CryptoSky Platform. DOOR rewards consumers every time they opt-in to request a home service professional via DOOR. Whether you need an electrician, plumber or real estate agent - DOOR pays you. Details Below Here :


DOOR is creating a consumer information and real estate property data licensing system where authorized owners and authorized agents of data will receive rewards in exchange for access to key information about real 1 estate properties. DOOR is tokenizing all data pertaining to a real property, such as owner contact information, property information and requests for service. Service could include the authorized owner requesting a real estate agent, insurance agent, mortgage broker, home improvement, home repair and a wide range of other home related services. Thus, DOOR is laying the foundation for a new type of interactive platform geared towards meeting the needs of the real estate sector by incentivizing participants in a fair and transparent manner.

The success of DOOR depends on the ability to easily transact between all stakeholders and track ownership of properties on the blockchain. Therefore, DOOR will create DOOR Tokens to facilitate ownership and licensing of data.

The goal of DOOR Token (DT) is to identify and track ownership of Real Property in the United States to Digital Currency via the Ethereum Blockchain. There are three primary reasons why DOOR Token should exist:

  • Fragmented and Inaccurate. All Real Property ownership is stored in separate databases by over 3,000 Counties in the United States. The data is only as accurate as the last time the property was sold.
  • No Financial Benefit to Homeowners or Authorized Agents of Property. All Real Property data is aggregated by businesses and licensed to thousands of other businesses for billions of dollars (from every direct mail house to Zillow.com).
  • Streamline Request for Service. All homeowners at some point need quality service providers to help maintain, improve or sell their property. Using DOOR Token, vendors can pay to access homeowner data and contact those homeowner seeking service providers.
  • The DOOR token ecosystem consists of two kinds of tokens:
  • Ownership tokens (OT) - those are NFT tokens, representing the rights to the data stored on the DOOR platform. They also enable their holders to receive royalties for this data.
  • DOOR Token (DT) - the main utility and payment token of the system, facilitating rewards, transactions and data exchange.
  • DOOR Token (DT) - the main utility and payment token of the system, facilitating rewards, transactions and data exchange.

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Blockchain ETHEREUM(ETH)
Token Name DOOR
Ticker DOOR
Decimal 18
Holders 398
Contract Address 0x7D48FBe0A877bB1f511fcf9B57F12420C75841e9



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