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ActiveEight Coin make Official Partnership With CryptoSky Platform

Hello Community, We are glad to notify you, ActiveEight Coin make Official Partnership with CryptoSky Platform. ActivEightCoin was launched on the Tron blockchain with the aim of monetising fitness, users of our forthcoming iOS and Android app will be able to earn ACTIV from their workouts and daily step count.

ACTIV is also the fuel which powers the soon to be released ActivSwap DEX, holders of ActivEightCoin will receive quarterly dividends from their share of transaction fees and listing fees, as well as earning ACTIV from Farms and Staking Pools. ACTIV is truly a token that promotes your health while increasing your wealth. Details Below Here :


ActivEight Coin has been created as a means to both monetise and incentivise fitness. We believe that everyone should lead an active, healthy lifestyle and we see ActivEight Coin as a perfect vehicle to achieve this goal.

ActivEight Coin is, at its most simplest, a reward system for exercise. Our members can earn crypto-currency based on the intensity of their workout effort, any active calories or steps tracked by smartphones or smartwatches can be converted into ActivEight Coin.

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Blockchain TRC(Tron)
Token Name ActivEightCoin
Precision 8
Holders 5 Addresses
MAX TOTAL SUPPLY 8,000,000,000.00000000 ACTIV
Contract Address TVoxBVmFuBM7dsRnfi1V8v1iupv4uyPifN



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