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ReddCoin made Official Partnership With CryptoSky Platform

Hello Community, We are happy to inform you, we are going to make a strong official partnership with ReddCoin. Being used in over 50+ countries, Redd is one of the oldest and most established cryptocurrency projects in the space. Created in early 2014, it was known as "Reddcoin." Over the past six years, the project has gone through several evolutions of its network and technology.
Many people are unaware that Redd is a 100% volunteer-based organization. This is a major achievement that shows not only the passion and belief everyone has in this project but also the goals we are trying to make a reality. Redd has received donations from the community in the past, and is now self-funded through the most recent POSV v2 network upgrade. Bellow Details..


The meaning of Redd
With our latest redesign we made a conscious effort to emphasize our ongoing message of inclusion and caring for one another. The graphic in our logo symbolizes support and community. No one shape or color is the same. Yet all pieces come together to form one whole. This is the power of Redd. It is a place that welcomes anyone and empowers everyone. See our upcoming Redd Book to learn more about Redd or our Redd Paper to learn more about ReddCoin, the engine that powers Redd.

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