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Game1network Make Official Partnership With CryptoSky Platform

Hello Community, We are happy to inform you, Game1network make Official Partnership with CryptoSky Platform. Game1Network the world’s first iGaming multi-earning platform with a hyper deflationary in-game token currency for play and payouts on Binance Smart Chain. Details Below Here :


Game1Network has been created on the next generation technology to create a decentralized platform, where the gaming processes are efficient, transparent and fair. The emergence of blockchain technology and other digital assets has changed the way the world today now manages and conducts transactions. This technology has been adopted by various industries including the iGaming industry to improve on the existing method on which their day-to-day business activities are carried out. The transparency and immutability of blockchain technology helps create a unique experience for players in the online gaming world.

This is why we have chosen to incorporate the use of blockchain technology on our platform Game1Network is here to provide players with numerous advantages which include: increased security, better internet gaming and reward distribution with the best design experience ever for users on the platform. Game1Network is next-generation autonomous iGaming earning platform which operates on an automated agreed to rules and principal assigned to in code.

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  • Game1Network Specifications
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain(BSC)
Token Name Game1Network
Ticker game1
Decimal 18
Holders 195 Addresses
Max Total Supply 21,000,000 game1
Contract Address 0x0E52d24c87A5ca4F37E3eE5E16EF5913fb0cCEEB



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