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OGCNODE made General Partnership With CryptoSky Platform

Hello Crypto Supporters, We are glad to inform you that, OGCNODE made General Partnership with our platform. OGCNODE the Masternode Component of the Organicoin Assets/Community. Pioneering integration and Application of the power of Blockchain in immutable quality certification of edible food contents right on the go and in your palm. A complete innovation In The Organic Sector Delivered To Your Smartphone. More details in the bellow..


It is well known fact that one of the manifestations of the negative impact on the environment is its nitrate pollution caused by human activities. The nitrites and nitrates increase in water, air content and biosystems in general leads to the growth of their entry into the human body, and hence to the emergence of diseases caused by the toxic effects of the harmful substances and their metabolites. People are negatively affected by nitrates throughout their lives. No other side effect that occurs in nature is so closely related to human life.

The main goal of this project is to provide all conditions for the information dissemination of foodstuffs among consumers, to allow on the basis of researched data to provide the feedback on product and/or seller for other stakeholders and, therefore, to guarantee the accuracy of this information by creating a decentralized system and a user restriction system of feedback from those who have not made an initial transaction regarding the seller's address.

Until today, it was impossible to make such transactions or conduct business directly via the Internet, primarily because monetary units are different in nature from other information goods and intellectual property as such. When buying and selling, money must be debited from one account and credited to another. They cannot stay in two places at the same time. The use of digital currency to calculate the purchase or sale of products involves the risk of double units spending of the currency in different places. In this case, one of them is not accepted for payment. This problem is known as the "double spending problem".

In addition, centralized systems have many other problems, including:
  • Total control of the system by owners
  • The possibility of hacking the system and stealing funds in various ways, including the human factor.
  • The constant operator intervention into systems functionality (support / update)
  • Non-autonomy (data cannot be restored while is destroyed)
  • The interaction of centralized systems is much more complex than decentralized due to their monolithicity
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    Coin Name OGCNODE
    Ticker ORG
    Algorithm Quark
    Block-Type POS / MN
    Total Coin Supply 100,000,000 ORG
    MN Collateral 100 ORG
    Premine 1,500,000 {1.5%} ORG
    Source Code Github



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