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Koban Coins Made Official Partnership With CryptoSky Platform

Hello Crypto Supporters, We are glad to inform you that, Koban Coins made Official Partnership with our platform. KobanCoins is a gaming platform based on BSC where players can play and win $KBNC by playing games or earning $KBNC through staking. Details Bellow Here:


  • Overview
  • KobanCoins is a Binance Smart-chain based gaming platform, where players can earn KobanCoins ($KBNC) by either playing and winning in the games or contributing to the staking of the gaming pool funds. We consider all types of games and gaming as possible to be launched on our gaming platform that meet the criteria of fun to play and the possibility of winning $KBNC or staking $KBNC for the game.
  • Games
  • We consider all game types in scope for the KobanCoins platform. This includes games based on luck, skill, prediction, lotteries, long platform, short platform, head2head and beyond. We will release news of games we launch on the platform through marketing, not in this whitepaper. When information is released of each game, they will be added in this whitepaper to break down the functions, payouts and staking. We do this as the market is very competitive and to drive interest in the game pre-launch.

  • Game prize fund

  • There will be three types of game funding:

  • Decentralized Staking
  • This will be a treasury contract address used for games where players win or lose directly from the gaming treasury; consider this the “House” in casino terms. $KBNC holders can stake their funds into the game treasury and receive any profit this fund generates straight to their funding wallet address as a reward. This amount will be a % based on their contribution to the fund against the total held in the treasury contract.

  • Player Pools
  • These will be games where players entries are collected then distributed to the winners of the games. An example of this is a lottery where there are prizes for a jackpot and smaller prizes for the other winning category’s e.g.

    6 numbers = jackpot fund pool;
    5 numbers = 5 number fund pool;
    4 numbers = 4 number fund pool

  • Head 2 Head
  • Two players compete against one another, and the winner takes the prize, e.g. heads up poker – one player wins, the other player loses.

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    • KobanCoins[$KBNC] Specifications
    Blockchain Binance Smart Chain(BSC)
    Token Name KobanCoins
    Ticker KBNC
    Decimal 18
    Holders 284 Addresses
    Max Total Supply 10,000,000,000 KBNC
    Contract Address 0x9a245c80b4a37661dd048a020b35ab06825eedd3



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