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FireAnts made an Official Partnership With CryptoSky Platform

Hello Crypto Supporters, We are glad to inform you that, FireAnts made an Official Partnership with our platform. FireAnts is an open source blockchain project with the ANTS coin as its native token. The vision of FireAnts is to provide a fair and open peer-to-peer blockchain system for everyone. FireAnts is a platform for developers to create applications for the preservation of endangered cultures.
Languages, cultures, and traditions can be preserved as NFTs on the FireAnts blockchain. With the help of FireAnts, legacies can be recorded for eternity. In addition, archaeological finds or specific items can be tagged, digitized and monetized.Details bellow here :


The FireAnts association donates its FireAnts coins to philanthropic projects that work to increase fairness and justice in human society. Among other things, FireAnts focus on tribal sovereignty and oppressed cultures that depend on external FIAT systems.

FireAnts Advocate and Support

FireAnts thrive to improve and strengthen human equality in the United States, Europe, Asia and developing countries.
  • Education of Cybersecurity Technology and improvement of Workforce Development for less privileged.
  • International social impact to reduce poverty! Broadband technology for rural areas and the unbanked,also Clean water and Sustainability.
  • Local social impact to reduce homelessness. Donations to food banks, scholarships for minority students and single parents family assistance.
This is FireAnts Board of Advisory responsibility to manage, monitor, implement and make it sustainable for the future.

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  • FireAnts[$ANTS] Token Specifications
Blockchain ETHEREUM(ETH)
Token Name FireAnts
Ticker ANTS
Decimal 18
Holders 370 Addresses
Max Total Supply 21,000,000,000,000 ANTS
Contract Address 0xa9fbb83a2689f4ff86339a4b96874d718673b627

  • FireAnts[$ANTS] Coin Specifications
Algorithm Scrypt
Coin name FireAnts
Ticker ANTS
stake age 6 hours Max
Max total supply 210M ANTS
Block Explorer Explorer

  • redFireAnts[$rANTS] Token Specifications
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain(BSC)
Token Name redFireAnts
Ticker rANTS
Decimal 18
Holders 18 Addresses
Max Total Supply 21,000,000,000,000 rANTS
Contract Address 0x567bbef0efdf53355c569b7aedde4c4f7c008014



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