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Lucky Luna Crypto made an Official Partnership With CryptoSky Platform

Hello Crypto Supporters, We are glad to inform you that, Lucky Luna Crypto made an Official Partnership with our platform. Lucky Luna Crypto has been carefully designed to achieve a single purpose – Protecting our investors! Our Tokenomics have been perfectly designed to ensure there is constant buy pressure and high volume. Taxes paid in BNB and thoughtfully designed to reduce whale manipulation of the chart.

Lucky Luna Token is the proof of concept token for LunaSwap, our completely custom exchange. Bellow details ..


Most alt coins you’ve invested in recently are most likely a copy/paste of Safemoon.

We are the first to do what we’ve done & are about to flip the Crypto-world on it’s head.

Our developer reviewed the code of several contracts and found unfair practices in all, deriving from Safemoon code. Also, many flaws in Safemoon and Pancake Swap, which led to us endeavoring to create a safer, better token and exchange.

Our journey started with a team of five professionals and crypto enthusiasts that were tired of the landmine-filled world of Crypto.

The Lucky Luna team met on various forums, identifying one another as standouts, supporting various tokens or providing valuable input. We were tired of pump-and-dumps and botted tokens, unstable pricing, developers or whales crashing tokens and scams like rug-pulls and honeypots. We knew it could be done better, and we want to make it as safe a place as we could. One where we could even invite our families to participate without feeling like it was gambling or be concerned about the experience of the Developers or communication. And one that had use-case from day one, because we were also tired of empty promises from cut and paste Whitepapers and Safemoon copy contracts.

Our code is not designed to work with Pancakeswap which is why we are only available on LunaSwap.

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  • LuckyLuna [$LLT] Token Specifications
Blockchain Binance Smart Chain
Token Name LuckyLuna
Ticker LLT
Decimal 9
Holders 208 addresses
Total Supply 807,427,784,418.854321 LLT
Contract Address 0x54810d2e8d3a551c8a87390c4c18bb739c5b2063

  • Tokenomics
Tax 8% Tax 16%
From that amount: From that amount:
4% Development 5% Development
1.6% Marketing 5.2% Marketing
2.4% Liquidity 5.8% Liquidity

Other Features

  • Taxes are collected in BNB - the benefit of this is that the team doesn't have to sell tokens and tank the chart to use Marketing or Development Funds

  • Unique Anti-Bot mechanism - because we are only available on LunaSwap, bots can buy, but we are alerted. Those wallets get blacklisted immediately and the tokens they purchased are burned to add to liquidity. Basically, we honeypot the bots to benefit our investors

  • PositivePrice Pressure mechanisms - uur liquidity will always be rising, and at a higher percentage than other tokens, taxes and liquidity are based on converted BNB.



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